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Cake Pricing

Custom cakes are priced based on serving size, intricacy in details of design, and flavor. This page serves as a guide or starting point for customers to have a better understanding of how much a cake costs. For a formal go to Request a quote.

**Delivery fees will automatically be added to orders with serving sizes over 50**

Single tier Cake

6" tall  serves 10-14


8" tall  serves up to 30


Two tier Cake

4"+6" tall  serves up to 20


6"+8" tall  serves up to 35


8"+ 10" tall  serves up to 65


Three tier Cake

4"+6"+8" tall  serves up to 50


6"+ 8"+10" tall  serves up to 80


Four tier Cake

4"+6"+8"+10" tall  serves up to 90


6"+ 8"+10+12 tall  serves up to 150


Custom Cake

Order Your Custom Cake Delight Today and Sweeten Your Special Occasion!

 Indulge in custom cakes tailored to your tastes. From a wide selection of flavors and fillings, design the perfectly sweetened centerpiece for your celebration!

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